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The militarisation of patriotism

September 2018, Drozdowo near Orzysz in northern Poland. A lot of construction work in progress around and old school building. A volunteer is building barbed wire around it. It is a training centre, the only one of its kind in Poland, based on a military model, where leaders of the pro-defensive, paramilitary movements are going […]

#GPGate: Fraud in EU funds in Bulgaria

A new report alleges mass corruption and fraud in Bulgaria involving EU funds. Consulting companies are said to have distributed bribes and manipulated public procurements in contracts worth hundreds of millions of Bulgarian leva. Read the full story.

A questionable pact | EU cooperation with Sudan

Sudan’s authoritarian government is accused of human rights violations. But that isn’t stopping the EU from cooperating with the country on controlling migration – an operations centre in Sudan is scheduled to open this autumn. Read the full story here (in German)

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