Participation in this event is restricted to grantees of the IJ4EU Investigation Support Scheme (first cohort, 2020).

Time: 11:00-12:30 CET

Team members of cross-border projects selected under the first round of the 2020 Investigation Support Scheme are invited to take part in an interactive online session with data expert Eva Constantaras on best practices for data visualisation.

Data visualisation for investigative reporting offers an opportunity to humanise storytelling and engage newsroom talent and wider audiences in what may otherwise be dense, specialised content. This session will look at how different investigative teams have approached data visualisation and used best practices in design, annotation and graphical forms to invite more readers into the story. 


Eva Constantaras will conduct the workshop. She is a data journalist specialised in building data journalism teams in developing countries. These teams have reported from across Latin America, Asia, the Middle East  and Africa on topics ranging from broken foreign aid and food insecurity to extractive industries and public health. As a Google Data Journalism Scholar and a Fulbright Fellow, she developed a course for investigative and data journalism in high-risk environments. 

This webinar is part of the coaching and training support that the IJ4EU fund provides to grantees to boost their skills and ensure the success of individual projects.