Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

This online training session is restricted to the grantees of the IJ4EU Freelancer Support Scheme.

With the rise of digital technology globally, including the widespread use of smartphones and social media networks, Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) skills and techniques are key tools to understand and analyse an increasing data-centric and digitalized world. 

This online training  aims to provide grantees with introductory OSINT tools and techniques to find and exploit satellite imagery and data available online. 

The trainer is Leone Hadavi, a freelance open-source investigator, analyst and trainer, with a background in security studies and law. He is a senior investigator for the Myanmar Witness project – of the Centre for Information Resilience – and the lead analyst in the EUArms project – of Lighthouse Reports – where he has led a number of investigations tracking EU-manufactured weapons exported to controversial users. A contributor for Bellingcat, as a freelancer Leone has co-authored works such as ”Masked Men On A Hellenic Coast Guard Boat Involved In Pushback Incident”, “Libya’s ‘Game of Drones’” with the BBC and “The Killing of Muhammad Gulzar” with Forensic Architecture. He frequently lectures on and trains in OSINT techniques journalists, researchers and academic institutions.

This session is part of the coaching and training support that the IJ4EU fund provides to grantees to boost their skills and ensure the success of individual projects.