EU Funding for the Far Right

As the 2019 EU Parliament elections approach, a team of journalists led by Rue89 Stasbourg is investigating the financing of far-right parties in Europe via the budget of the European Parliament. The investigation aims to shed light on the double speak used by numerous nationalist politicians: they criticize the expenses of the European Union but […]

rise project and bivol

Misuse of EU Funds in Romania and Bulgaria

RISE Project Romania and BIVOL Bulgaria have teamed to investigate the unseen corrupt organizations that are siphoning off European taxpayer money. Using investigative reporting, the two media outlets are unveiling how organized crime acts at a transnational level to plunder public coffers. One investigation lead by Bivol Bulgaria, known as #GPGate, exposed a complex network […]

Daphne Project

Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was brutally killed in October 2017 by a car bomb just meters from her home. The investigation into her killing is ongoing, but there is little doubt that she was murdered because of her work. With a brazen, unapologetic and uncompromising style, she denounced corruption, nepotism, clientelism, and all kinds […]

Lost in Europe

According to Europol’s chief of staff, Brian Donald, no fewer than 10,000 migrant children have gone missing in Europe. It is feared that some of them fell in the hands of drug gangs, human traffickers, or were sold into the sex industry. Others may have travelled to family or friends in Europe without reporting it. […]

Patriotism militarized

Central Europe has experienced a significant rise in the number and visibility of grassroots paramilitary actors ranging from anti-refugee vigilantes in Hungary through pro-Kremlin militias in Slovakia to a civilian component cooperating with the armed forces in Poland. The militarization of patriotism is an untold story in the region. It goes hand-in-hand with a diffusion […]