Invisible Borders

From the investigative team: What does a lie detector system being tested at the Serbian-Hungarian border have in common with a high-tech facial recognition machine in the desert in Niger and electoral cards bearing a QR code in Mali? They all stem from a huge European Union investment in the use of biometric authentication (fingerprints and […]

Equipping the Dictator

From the investigative team: The investigative reporting platform Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and Danwatch, a Copenhagen-based independent media centre specialized in investigations of states’ and companies’ impact on human rights and the environment, have partnered to investigate the money trail from the EU to Eastern European authorities with poor human rights records. A […]

“Cancer Tourism” in Central and Eastern Europe

From the investigative team: Over the last couple of years, an increasing number of patients diagnosed with cancer have moved from the Romanian public healthcare system to private clinics or toward the health-care systems of neighbouring countries. This project follows this “oncotourism” or “cancer tourism” to understand how the Eastern and Central European public healthcare […]

I Spy: Russian Spies in the EU

From the investigative team: An IT student rotting in prison in Estonia, forgotten by his masters. An officer of the Lithuanian army exploited by an old family friend who turns out to be a foe. A small-time farmer and businessman in a Latvian border town who just loves to take pictures of military installations. Poisoned […]

Hungarian Football Funds

From the investigative team: 55 million euros: This is a conservative estimate of the amount of public money that the Hungarian government has spent on football academies and stadiums located in Hungarian communities living in Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia since 2013. Some of the supported clubs are successful, others are rather obscure. […]

Climate Change Denial Networks in Europe

From the investigative team: In a months-long investigation, journalists Susanne Götze and Annika Joeres tracked down climate change deniers where no one had expected them to be. They act as scientific advisers to the German Bundestag. They sit as conservative and liberal MPs in the EU Parliament. They head neoliberal economic organizations. They influence the […]

Failed Child Services in Greece and Cyprus

From the investigative team: Six months ago, The Manifold, a team of five journalists in Greece and Cyprus, started looking into the failings of the two states in providing proper support for children who have suffered some form of abuse. The investigation went deeper into cases that made the news in both countries and traced […]

EU Funding for the Far Right

From the investigative team: As the 2019 EU Parliament elections approach, a team of journalists led by Rue89 Stasbourg is investigating the financing of far-right parties in Europe via the budget of the European Parliament. The investigation aims to shed light on the double speak used by numerous nationalist politicians: they criticize the expenses of […]

rise project and bivol

Misuse of EU Funds in Romania and Bulgaria

From the investigative team: RISE Project Romania and BIVOL Bulgaria have teamed to investigate the unseen corrupt organizations that are siphoning off European taxpayer money. Using investigative reporting, the two media outlets are unveiling how organized crime acts at a transnational level to plunder public coffers. One investigation lead by Bivol Bulgaria, known as #GPGate, […]

Daphne Project

From the investigative team: Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was brutally killed in October 2017 by a car bomb just meters from her home. The investigation into her killing is ongoing, but there is little doubt that she was murdered because of her work. With a brazen, unapologetic and uncompromising style, she denounced corruption, nepotism, […]