World Press Freedom Day Special Episode

When investigative journalists are under duress, collaborating across borders can help build resilience.

Chinese mafia groups flex their muscles in Europe

They have friends in high places and aren’t afraid to use violence. Chinese crime syndicates are on the rise in the heart of the EU.

Investigating Frontex: Scandal, scrutiny and satire

We look back at two IJ4EU investigations that held the EU’s border agency up to unprecedented scrutiny.

Pandora Papers: Dodgy dealings in Slovenia and Croatia

Using documents from the Pandora Papers, journalists follow the money between Slovenia and Croatia. It’s a sleepless job.

The Vapour Trail: Big Tobacco’s libertarian smokescreen

Why are tobacco lobbyists and US oil tycoons in cahoots over the promotion of e-cigarettes? To push a free-market agenda.

Shipping and climate: The making of ‘Black Trail’

How does shipping contribute to the climate crisis? Journalists give the lowdown on a documentary that made waves.