An international team of award-winning investigative journalists shines a light on the under-reported scourge of sexual harassment and sexualised violence between doctors and patients in Europe.

In an unprecedented investigation into a sector largely ignored by the #MeToo movement, Juliane Löffler, Margherita Bettoni, Cécile Debarge and Jelena Prtorić expose systemic failures in screening doctors across the European Union.

With a special focus on Croatia, France, Germany and Italy, the team analyses laws and regulations and scrutinizes the work of medical authorities and chambers.

This ambitious cross-border investigation seeks to quantify the extent of sexual harassment and abuse in physician-patient relationships. It highlights a level of impunity that allows many doctors’ careers to flourish despite allegations of such malpractice.

The journalists also show the failure of relevant authorities and legislation to stop health workers accused of sexual harassment from moving to other EU countries to practice medicine.

Stories published in Germany and Croatia have sparked public debate and calls for action. Publications in Italy and France will follow soon.

Cover image: Christina S. Zhu

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