RISE Project Romania and BIVOL Bulgaria have teamed to investigate the unseen corrupt organizations that are siphoning off European taxpayer money. Using investigative reporting, the two media outlets are unveiling how organized crime acts at a transnational level to plunder public coffers.

One investigation lead by Bivol Bulgaria, known as #GPGate, exposed a complex network of consultants, businessmen and public officials that evidence indicates feasted without public oversight on projects funded by the European Union. During this investigation, documents were burned, and journalists were detained. Still, even if the perpetrators want to hide their deeds, reporters continue to keep the public informed – and EU taxpayers’ money a little bit safer.

In its annual Cooperation and Verficiation Mechanism report on Bulgaria in November 2018, the European Commission wrote:

“Serious risks of corruption in public procurement continue to be a concern in regard to Bulgaria … Recent revelations by investigative journalists concerning possible massive frauds targeting procurement in EU funded programmes are currently being investigated by law enforcement.”

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