Why were some communities in Europe worse hit by COVID-19 than others? Why did certain regions become hotspots while others emerged relatively unscathed?

This data-driven investigation seeks to find out, drawing on dozens of sources of regional statistics to paint an unprecedented picture of regional and local differences.

Journalists Luis Rodríguez, Adrián Blanco and Irene Benedicto built a Europe-wide database of COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths — all categorised by region. They also collected sociodemographic data, which helps to explain how the virus spread and why different outbreaks happened in specific areas.

The team will make all the data public, along with a full explanation of their methodology, so researchers and journalists can benefit from the structured database.

See below for articles published so far. For more information, visit the project’s dedicated website, CovidRegionalTracker.eu.



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